foundations on computational anatomy

1) Xavier Pennec, DSCI Seminar: The stationary velocity field framework for modeling the progression of Alzheimer’s disease

video: link

another leture: link

From this lecture, it seems Idiff has already done by Xavier in the papers:

paper1: link   paper2: link  paper3: link

besides, it also talks about how to measure the atrophy from AD and from aging:

paper1: link

2) Laurent Younes

his website intruduction: link

a survey paper in 2014

3) François-Xavier Vialard 

a mini course paper: link

4) Micheal Miller:

his video lecture:

5) Felipe Arrate  — the author for diffeo active contour

reading his thesis is in progress, which, at the current point, is well written, and easy to understand!!!!

Life tends to be harder when mathematicians step in!

5)  Mario Micheli

6) Peter W. Michor

7) crash course for manifold  Symplectic Geometry:


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